Reduce energy portfolio risk with global methane emission tracking

We empower financial & energy sectors to reduce financial risk by staying ahead of regulations through asset-level emission insights and identification of abatement opportunities

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The measurement data that gives you an edge to the market

An avalanche of regulations on methane emissions are coming. Our platform helps operators detect emissions before anybody else and prioritize reduction opportunities via best-in-class methane emissions measurements for every piece of oil & gas infrastructure on earth.

who orbio is for

Reducing portfolio emission risk for the energy sector

Orbio Earth delivers tailored solutions to help energy companies monitor and reduce methane emission risks across global portfolios.

Our advanced methane tracking technology is not just about detecting emissions, it's about enabling smarter decisions, ensuring compliance, and driving sustainable practices for operators on the ground.

The problem

The Underreported Crisis of Methane Emissions

Financial and energy sectors rely on generic emission calculation methods making it difficult to manage risks rising from methane regulation sweeping the globe. There are 12 million oil & gas facilities globally capable of emitting methane emissions, and a huge amount go under the radar.

Traditional methods fall short in accurately reporting methane emissions from the oil and gas industry, leading to a staggering underreporting of up to 70%.

As the world braces for stringent regulations with significant financial repercussions, such as the impending IRA methane fee in the US and forthcoming EU regulation, the immediate need for precision in methane emission benchmarking has never been more critical.

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