Navigate portfolio emission risks with asset-level transition modelling

For investors asking how to invest into energy companies in the future. Orbio helps benchmark existing energy portfolios on emission performance, and model related transitional risks.

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Understanding the costs of the energy transition to your oil & gas portfolio

With the EU and US imposing stringent regulations on emissions, the financial sector faces heightened risks. It is also a critical juncture where many asset managers and financiers are trying to understand how to invest in oil & gas in the future.

Accurate asset-level emissions data is essential to better understand the cost of abatement for your portfolio in the future energy transition, whilst also understanding what could be the associated reputational risks along the way.

Investors need to understand the true emission profiles of their portfolio companies to make future-proof investment decisions in different transition scenarios.

How Orbio helps energy investors prepare portfolios for the transition

Orbio maps emission events to assets from parent (operated) and equity (non-operated) entities across the globe every couple of days.

This enables investors to understand portfolio emissions under-reporting, the cost of abatement, and related transition risks on an apples to apples basis for the first time.

Case study

How we helped an investor understand the cost of abatement for a portfolio company

Orbio partnered with a leading investor in the energy space to help them better understand the cost of abatement for one of their portfolio companies in the coming years.

We found that the cost of abatement for this particular portfolio company could represent 8% of their total net-income.

We did this by generating yearly totals for each individual facility owned by the portfolio companies. From there we modelled the average cost to decarbonise the infrastructure based on the type of production and the equipment on site.