The Comprehensive Methane Monitoring Solution

Orbio is revolutionizing methane emission tracking through a cutting-edge platform that transforms satellite data into actionable environmental insights.

Our solution

Next-Generation Methane Emission Tracking

Utilizing advanced satellite technology and pioneering analytics, we're setting new standards in environmental data accuracy and accessibility.

Our platform transforms complex satellite data into clear, actionable insights, empowering industries to make informed, responsible decisions.

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Orbio utilizes a network of satellites to capture global data, key to our methane monitoring process. These satellites, while not originally designed for methane detection, are equipped to identify methane molecules in the atmosphere. This innovative use of satellite technology is a cornerstone of our environmental monitoring capabilities.

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Methane absorbs light at specific wavelengths, a fundamental characteristic that Orbio's algorithms exploit for detection. Our technology analyzes these light absorption patterns to accurately identify methane emissions, utilizing infrared and other spectral data for a precise environmental assessment.

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After detection, our technology quantifies methane emissions, taking into account environmental factors like wind and atmospheric conditions. Each emission source is geolocated and linked to corresponding ground assets. This data is then systematically aggregated to produce detailed company-level emissions reports. This process not only ensures accuracy but also aids in compliance and strategic environmental planning.

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We’ve created a seamless process to help operators and investors reduce methane emissions.

Booking a demo with Orbio is a straightforward process, designed to help you understand how emission risk data can be integrated into your workflow. In just a few steps,

Through our tailored demo you can gain valuable insights into potential methane emission risks within your energy portfolio. We will also take you through our methodology, the use-cases we are currently working on and our future product development plans.